Tuesday, March 7, 2017

CRM 2011 Workgroup Server Edition

CRM 2011 Workgroup Server Edition


This edition is only allowed 5 CALs maximum,it is not possible to add more CALs. If more CALs are needed, an upgrade to Professional or Enterprise should be done. Also all the server roles are installed on 1 machine and cannot be separated. You can only create 1 organization in this version and the use of external connectors is not allowed. This version is ideal for small organizations that can use it with the SQL Server Workgroup Edition and on a Windows Small Business Server.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is available as a cloud offering or an on-premises installation by a partner/customer. As in CRM 4 these versions can be highly customized using advanced extensions. New feature set includes – Visualizations, Dashboards, Document Management, Grid Filters, Dialogs, Recurring Appointments, Custom Activities, Goal Management, Fetch based Reports, MAPI based Outlook clients, FLS etc.

Native integration with SharePoint 2010
Ability to create a query behind a look-up
Placing of a grid with child records on the parent record
Auto filter sorting capability like in Microsoft Office Excel
Microsoft Office Ribbon interface replaces menus
OData endpoints
LINQ programming API in the SDK
WCF services
Global Optionset which can be used for other entities
Customization can be packaged as solutions
CRM Online supports plugins in sandboxed mode
Multiple forms per entity
Dashboard designer
Yammer integration
Lync integration
The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 RTW/RTM is available since January and mid February 2011 respectively. 41 languages are supported.

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